the rituals

What transforms a routine into a ritual is the quality of awareness and care we bring into it. The time-honoured practice of Ayurveda offers a pathway into a steadier and more attentive relationship with ourselves, so that everyday habits can become cherished moments.

Daily rituals (dinacharya), are the bedrock of Ayurveda. A day-to-day regimen is the foundation for maintaining good health, preventing illness, and creating beauty both within and without. They can be as simple as spritzing the face with a hydrating facial tonic mist, or more involved like a full-body oil bath. The rituals you choose to perform – and the goods you use – depend on Dosha, age, season, and time.

Besides on a daily basis, rituals can be performed on a weekly or seasonal cycle – or whenever it is called for. As yoga teaches us to be mindful of our present conditions, Ayurveda lends guidance in how to respond appropriately to what we notice.

We attend to the needs of the moment. Be curious, explore, and then commit: find habits that feel appropriate to you, and make them your own. Consistency leads to transformation; welcome the shift and see how the benefits unfold. When we feel good, we do good.

May the Saravat Ayurvedic Rituals and Formulas offer support in your evolving journey of creating health, beauty, and balance.

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