seasonal rituals

Create inner resilience and agility by embracing the shifts that the seasons bring.

Fall / Winter

Fall is the season of wind and change, and an important time for soothing, grounding rituals. Protection is the name of the game. Accept that the next few months will be cold, dark, and dry – because that also means it will be cozy (soft sweaters!), romantic (candles!), and homey (slow-cooked stews! Eaten by candlelight! In soft sweaters!)

Winter is cold, dry and contracted; focus on creating a protective barrier to stay hydrated and nourished. Vata types are the most likely to really feel how dryness speeds up aging, so layering on creams and serums is important. All Saravat Body and Face Creams are made with beeswax, which form a natural layer of protection to prevent moisture loss. Make sure to apply your favourite one in the morning before you step out!

In the coldness of winter, things tend to stagnate. Massage the face to improve circulation and to maintain your radiant glow. In the evening as you lie in bed preparing for sleep, apply a few drops of a Saravat Facial Serum (try Full Circle or Steady Earth) to the face and gently massage in circular and sweeping patterns. This is a wonderful way to help relax unnecessary tightness in the jaw and temples so you can have really deep, restorative sleep.

Fall and winter are the perfect seasons for hot baths that ease the ache of dry joints and tissues. To maximize the benefits of steeping yourself in the comfort of hot water, apply a generous layer of Plenty-Full Body and Face Cream, and then step into the bath – the heat will open the pores for the skin to absorb the nourishment.

Apply The Nasya Oil! This is a vital part of Ayurveda self-care. Apply a drop to each nasal passage (or put a drop on your pinky finger and massage it in), and gently inhale. This can be done first thing in the morning or right before bed. The inside of the nose is a vital gateway into the body (it receives prana, or life force energy) and you can prevent colds and illnesses by keeping it hydrated.

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Spring / Summer

Excitement is in the air as Mother Earth wakes up again, but patience: spring has the strange habit of being gorgeously sunny and warm one day, and then frigid and windy the next. Increase your resilience to these turbulent days by staying steady in your morning and evening self-care rituals.

Spring is when many of us get colds and allergies as the Ama (toxins) have built up in the body over the stagnant winter months starts to move as the temperature gets warmer. The severity of an illness can be alleviated by choosing daily practices that help remove mucus from the body, such as using a tongue scraper every morning.

Keep the skin nourished to best prepare it for the hot/cold weather and increased sun exposure. Use the Full Circle Unscented Facial Serum or the Steady Earth Facial Serum to help hydrate the face’s skin so it can be ready to soak up the sun’s rays.

Summer is the season of Pitta: fiery sun, active days; it is the season of play! Long days spent soaking up the sun do wonders for the soul, but they can be taxing on the skin and body. Manage sunburn, inflammation and irritation with cooling practices that hydrate and replenish. Choose body and face creams that contain cooling coconut oil, like the Morning Radiance or Lotus of the Heart.

The Sweet Renewal and Clean Slate Facial Tonic Mists are refreshing, simple ways to recalibrate; keep some in the car, on your desk, in the bathroom, wherever you like. Aim true. Use with joyful frequency.

sweet renewal facial tonic mist
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