to fortify – ritual roller


Intention: to fortify

This ritual roller is a blend of antiviral and antibacterial essential oils designed to help protect you from unwanted “visitors” in your body, and support your immune system and respiratory health. By rolling it onto your neck and temples, it can create an aura in the area of the nasal passages that’ll freshen the air around you. A few streaks along your forearms can be helpful too; as you move through your day, it’ll create a wider ring of woodsy, cleansing fragrance.

This blend is inspired by the beauty of the boreal forest! It contains:

  • Scotch pine, reputed to support immune function and soothe inflammation
  • Sage, a fresh and warmly spiced scent that has been used for centuries for its antibacterial properties and to be an antidepressant
  • Fir needle, a forest-rich scent known to support respiratory health
  • Clementine, known for its cleansing properties, and its sweet and refreshing light energy (not boreal forest, but in here for balance)

Of course, this is no replacement for washing your hands thoroughly, keeping your saliva to yourself, and being a decent human being. Those things are up to you, and we believe in you and the power of hygiene!

All ritual rollers are formulated in a base of almond oil, which best mimics the skin’s natural sebum – meaning it will absorb deeply into the body to be of maximum benefit.

Ingredients: almond oil, essential oils of scotch pine, sage, fir needle, and clementine.

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