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Nasya is a time-honoured Ayurvedic practice of applying oil (and sometimes other medicines) to the nasal passage. The nose is a central gateway of the body through which we absorb great amounts of prana (life force energy), as well as through which we release excess bodily fluids from the head region. Nasya is traditionally said to promote mental clarity and ease, and is a suitable ritual for all the Doshas.

The Nasya Oil by Saravat is comprised of soothing and lubricating oils to relieve tension and stress. It also aids the cleansing action of the nasal passages to help release sinus congestion and protects the tender skin inside our nostrils. If you live somewhere with long, cold and dry winters (like Winnipeg!), applying The Nasya Oil is a must-do for the winter season.

To apply The Nasya Oil, you can either:

  • Lie down and tilt the head back to apply 1-2 drops to each nostril, or
  • Apply a drop of oil to your pinky finger and gently massage into the inner rim of a nostril. Repeat for other nostril.

Immediately after application, gently inhale to draw oil up the nasal passage. Take a moment to relax before moving again. This ritual can be performed daily or weekly, or as needed. Pair it with a pranayama (yogic breathing) practice to synergize their benefits.

A few considerations:
Try not to contact skin with the tip of the dropper. When you are sick or have a cold, do not use The Nasya Oil. Wait at least one hour to apply before/after eating or doing exercise. Do not use during pregnancy.

Find The Nasya Oil as part of the Evening Rituals Kit.

Ingredients: sesame oil, almond oil, eucalyptus essential oil.

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