sweet renewal facial tonic mist


A synergistic blend of neroli and rose waters to impart tranquility and encourage coming back to the moment.

Facial tonics can be used after applying face serum for a feeling of freshness. Carry facial tonic mist with you during the day for when you need a little spritz to reset your energy and find renewal.

  • Neroli was called the “queenly elixir” by ancient Egyptians for its power to settle the mind and instill positivity
  • Neroli cultivates steady confidence and dissolves apprehension
  • Rose has the precious ability to reduce anxiety and soothe the senses
  • Rose water hydrates, tones and cools tired and irritated skin
  • Both neroli and rose have a particular affinity for nurturing the female immune system
  • Soothing and calming for all the Doshas

Ingredients: neroli floral water, rose floral water, purified water.

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