cool & clear facial tonic mist


(Formerly called the Post-Yoga Glow Facial Tonic Mist)

Perfect for Pitta-heads or anyone needing a refreshing hit of coolness, calm irritated skin with this masterful blend of skin-loving botanicals:

  • Rosewater, which is known to reduce redness and skin irritation
  • Licorice, which brightens the complexion and reduces the appearance of spots
  • Non-alcoholic witch hazel, which gently removes grease and clears the pores to prevent acne and breakouts

This simple but potent blend can provide relief from hives and eczema without drying the skin. A spritz of this mist can make your face feel clean and non-greasy if you don’t have time to properly wash your face after a workout or biking commute; it’s a great refresher!

Ingredients: non-alcoholic witch hazel, rose floral water, licorice root powder extract.

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