lotus of the heart body & face cream 2.0


Similar to our original Lotus of the Heart body & face cream, this soothing cream is made with a nurturing base of coconut and almond oils. While the floral-sweetness of bergamot and benzoin remain, instead of rose it is accented with the complex earthiness of sacred frankincense.

These essential oils are safe for pregnancy, which makes it extra special for mamas-to-be as they prepare for their new bundle of love.

  • Beneficial for all doshas
  • Frankincense is believed to reduce anxiety and stimulate the immune system, along with its woodsy, spicy fragrance
  • Bergamot is known to help with treating addictions, depression, and anxiety; it calms the skin and promotes feelings of newness, gratitude, and abundance
  • Benzoin has been used for over 3000 years in prayer rituals as a natural aid to heighten spiritual oneness and divinity
  • Benzoin is powerful! It is an anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, anti-rheumatic; its warming energy promotes confident tranquility and a sense of enoughness to help you overcome obstacles and stand tall in yourself.

Ingredients: sweet almond and coconut oils, purified water, beeswax (for emulsification), essential oils of frankincense, bergamot, and benzoin.

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