evening rituals kit


Finish the day with serenity and ease. After cleaning the skin, apply Evening Glow Body & Face Cream to maximize the natural skin regeneration that occurs as we sleep. Glide on the To Uplift! Ritual Roller to soothe aching muscles with Japanese peppermint and Blue Mallee eucalyptus.

Let yourself slow down as you apply The Nasya Oil: nasya is the traditional Ayurvedic practice of applying oil (and sometimes other medicines) to the nasal passage. The nose is a central gateway of the body through which we absorb great amounts of prana (life force energy) – and through which we release excess bodily fluids from the head region. Honour this sacred and often overlooked part of the body with nourishing oils that hydrate and heal.

This ritual kit includes:

Please see here for more nasya oil benefits and tips on how to apply.

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