calendar of mudras 2019


Mudras are hand gestures, and one of many realms of the yoga practice to be discovered and explored. Different mudras carry different intentions and benefits, and there is an astounding wealth of knowledge to be uncovered.

I first created this calendar to give myself a beautiful and simple way of learning more about mudras. It is a collection of my line drawings of various mudras, with one mudra to focus on per month. Whether you implement them in your meditation practice, or simply admire the beauty of the human hand, may this calendar add depth to your understanding of yoga.

All profits from this calendar are donated to the Vipassana Meditation Foundation, started by SN Goenka. All their courses are run solely based on the support of donations and volunteers. Courses run worldwide and, from my own experience, draw people from a variety of backgrounds and walks of life. Having taken the 10-day meditation course a few years ago, the value of that experience has been deeply influential in numerous aspects of my life; it is of personal significance to give back.

Each calendar includes a brief description of each mudra.

Printed on 65 lb thick and crisp white cardstock.

5.5 x 8.5”

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