kind words

Some of the lovely things people are saying about Saravat:

My favourites thus far are the To Uplift! Roller that helps with migraine attacks, curbing nausea and tension. And the Sweet Renewal Facial Tonic Mist smells like summer! The Evening Glow Body and Face Cream is sooooo good, just rich enough and the woody vetiver scent is super grounding. Thanks for making amazing products, Adrienne! – Kelly

I’ve been using the Morning Radiance Body and Face Cream on my face for almost a year. Amazing stuff. My skin has had the best winter ever. I sell beauty products and always get asked, “What do you use?” Plus, the scent is fresh and perfect for mornings (lemongrass, basil, eucalyptus). – Amanda

I love your Evening Glow cream! It’s subtle vetiver smokiness is one heck of a musk, and I’ve never had another moisturizer absorb so completely that I’m not left greasy. Thank you! – David

Your To Uplift! Roller with peppermint and eucalyptus is pure magic and works wonders on my migraines. – Holly

I love both the Morning Radiance and Lotus of the Heart creams! They are so refreshing and hydrating for my sensitive skin yet not greasy at all! – Terra

The Nasya Oil and Evening Glow Body and Face Cream are my favourites. I sleep feeling so hydrated and I wake up to the sweet smell and no nasal dryness all winter! – Karen

The Lotus of the Heart face cream is divine. I mean that. It’s really really nice and it’s perfectly fragrant. My skin feels good! – Kristy

I am so happy to be able to give something local and healing to my coworkers and the Ritual Roller I used helped me sleep better. – Kendra

Absolutely love the Clean Slate Facial Tonic Mist! The light mist and delightful smell of lemongrass puts a rejuvenating smile on my face! – Natalia

I love my Saravat products and how great they are for my dry skin, especially the Plenty-Full Unscented Body and Face Cream. – Kim

I love the Plenty-Full Unscented Body and Face Cream – a little bit goes a long way! – Jay

I love the Saravat products that I’ve tried! My favourite is the Nasya Oil, for clarity! – Diane

The Nasya Oil is a life saver. – Molly