Who makes your products?

All Saravat products are handmade by Adrienne Shum.

Where do you get your raw ingredients from?

All of the raw ingredients are sourced carefully in regards to purity, quality, and ethical standards, from a variety of specialized sources.

Can I give you old containers to reuse?

Thank you for being considerate of this issue! Unfortunately at this moment, old containers cannot be returned for reuse – the lids cannot be sterilized properly and it would be unsafe to reuse them. That being said, I would wholeheartedly encourage you to get creative about finding a second life for them.

How come you don’t sell larger quantities of the body and face creams?

Since there are no preservatives in any Saravat formulas, it is of utmost importance to ensure their freshness – hence, at this moment, there is only one size available of body and face creams. Moreover, Saravat body and face creams are far more nourishing compared to conventional creams, so you may also find that a container lasts longer.

How long do my Saravat formulas last?

All Saravat formulas are made with fresh, all-natural ingredients, and no preservatives or additives. It is ideal to enjoy your Saravat formulas within six months of purchase.

How come you ship your products wrapped in plastic?

All the plastic wrapping that protects your Saravat products from getting damaged during shipment is salvaged from whenever I get plastic wrapping and reused.

What is your return / exchange policy?

Due to the very small production scale of Saravat Ayurvedic Rituals, I am unable to accept returns or exchanges. Each product is made with the utmost care and personal attention, and I hope that it can be understood that processing returns and exchanges is very difficult.

Thank you for your visit!