evening rituals

Let the end of the day create nourishment, contentment, and introspection.

Start with brewing a cup of herbal tea. Peppermint and chamomile are excellent go-tos for promoting digestion and calming the nervous system.

At least two hours before bed, shut off the phone/computer screens to decrease stimulation and reduce exposure to blue light, which delays the onset of sleep. Go into Do Not Disturb mode, only allowing the most important of calls to get through. Light some candles to settle the mood.

Practise Viparita Karani (legs up the wall) pose to help drain the lymphatic system of fluid buildup that happens naturally over the course of the day. This will help detoxify the body of unnecessary Ama (toxins) and signal the nervous system to slow down.

Wash your face with only warm water. Try to slowly wean yourself off of using conventional cleansers, as they disrupt the skin’s protective microbiome. If you need to remove makeup, gently massage the Full Circle Unscented Facial Serum all over, and use a damp hot towel to wipe everything off. If the skin feels bothered from the wiping, cool down irritation with the Sweet Renewal Facial Tonic Mist.

Massage the body with Evening Glow Body and Face Cream to help with overnight rejuvenation. Inhale the scents of sage, vetiver, and clementine to help soothe and clarify the mind for sleep. In winter, also use a few drops of Steady Earth Facial Serum for extra deep nourishment.

Apply a couple drops of The Nasya Oil to each nostril. The nose is a vital energetic gateway in and out of the body – we receive life-giving breath and discharge waste through here. The traditional Ayurvedic practice of applying oil to the nasal passages helps soothe the tissues, relieve tension, and promote ease. Follow this up with a grounding pranayama (breathing) practice like Sama Vritti, with the length of the inhale matching the length of the exhale.

Sweep on a few strokes of the To Uplift! Ritual Roller over achy neck, shoulder, and face muscles. Japanese peppermint and Blue mallee eucalyptus work synergistically to untangle tightness in both the physical and mental bodies.

As you settle into bed, give thanks for the blessings of the day. If you like reading at bedtime, consider enjoying something that honours your self-care practices – go here to find some inspiration.

As you prepare for sleep, focus on relaxing the muscles of the face to promote deep sleep. Sweet dreams.

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